The short story is I worked at a few places where most everyone drank the free coffee, but only very few could be bothered to spend the 83 seconds of time to make it.
     I made up some funny signs to be posted on how to make coffee, free here to share. They did provide some mirth for the drinkers who would rather spend time chuckling at the sign as they stir the dregs from the very last drops of coffee.
     The end result is nothing really changed except some people were amused, and most lost their excuse of "I don't know how".
     Once I started making these signs, it was hard to stop. I still pop out one every couple of months. These are free for anyone to use, I'm flattered, but please don't modify them or remove my web address.
Click on the one you want and print away..........

Attention Comrade

Attention Knave
Coffee Fairy
coffee pirate